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Amazing Female Biceps Peak!

Unreal natural female biceps peak!

Title: Amazing Female Biceps Peak!

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Added on: April 14th, 2011

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  1. By: Jimplify

    yeah that’s Danit Ross I wonder what the heck ever happened to her

  2. By: Movickrox

    @Jimplify I think her bicep got so big it exploded. Now she’s out of business.

  3. By: Jimplify

    you are most correct sir on most of those counts but it’s not for me to judge wheather or not a person is on roids or they’re not even though it may be obviously but as far as Danita ross I agree with you on all counts her biceps are a lot bigger than mine since Iam an average looking guy and I am quite sure she is all natural too no doubt in my mind man

  4. By: Michael18765

    Yes it’s real because I saw her in orlando while she was flexing with her husband john in the street if you don’t believe me I don’t care that’s all.
    {Thank you}

  5. By: Movickrox

    @Michael18765 What were those biceps like in person???????

  6. By: Michael18765

    What do you mean???????

  7. By: Movickrox

    @Movickrox What I mean is were those biceps as big in person, bigger…huge??? I’ve never seen biceps like that on a woman in the flesh! Were you impressed, awed? Were onlookers impressed awed…tell us about seeing Danita peak her biceps in the flesh!!

  8. By: Michael18765

    I was very very amazed even my friends we were going to take a picture with her but her husband refused if he said ok would take a picture with her and put it in {YouTube} srry for this.
    No more question thank u

  9. By: Michael18765

    I forgot to tell u that her muscle was bigger and huge.

  10. By: JadR0cks


  11. By: johnlovestimi

    I have TONS of footage of this girl (DR)! I taped her at many shows. Tell her to get in touch with me, as my vids of her, KICK ASS on all the other CRAPPY WANNA Bzzz!
    I tapped her from DAY ONE, & all the BUMZZZ, came later. My friend mrvain42 knows this to B TRUE! I foregot more about female bodybuilders, than these WANNA Bzz, will EVER LEARN! I have taped over 100 of them, & dated more than these guys can count!

  12. By: ceppd

    @johnlovestimi OMG please please please tell me you’re going to post some of her right rear poses like in the clip above!!! She’s my fave of all time!!

  13. By: johnlovestimi

    @ceppd I will soon, & they R CRYSTAL CLEAR! I’m a PERFECTIONIST!

  14. By: ceppd

    @johnlovestimi @johnlovestimi I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!! PLEASE keep me posted!! Thanks sooo much!!!!!

  15. By: johnlovestimi

    @ceppd I will tomorro, & U will B thrilled, my work shows her biceps at ALL ANGLES, & i make her hold the poses, NOT rushing. She does have AMAZING biceps, & AGAIN, i took (charge), PUSHING the other photographers away, as i was the BULLY LOL!!, but lucky 4 U, as U R IN LOVE with her BICEP (PEAK)!
    NONE of these big shot FBB sites can TOUCH my work, + i have DATED many PROs ,breaking their contracts 4 me, letting me also tape them!

  16. By: johnlovestimi

    @ceppd U WECOME, i B doin’ it NOW, juz caz U B LUVN’ da girl! I tole yall’ i’ll KICK, ALL da other WANNA BZZZZ ASS’S 4 SHOW!!!

  17. By: johnlovestimi

    @ceppd Did i KEEP my WORD?? I’m a GIVER, NOT TAKER, & i have all the other BB SITES SMASHED!!!!!


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